Failed Islamic States in Senegambia

David Robinson

Boats rushing to rescue Medine

Boats rushing to rescue Medine
Boats rushing to rescue Medine
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Courtesy of David Robinson

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Umar Tal Or Al-hajj Umar
Description: Engraving based on a sketch of the French boats going up the Senegal River to rescue the fort of Medine in July 1857 to liberate the fort from the siege organized by Al-Hajj Umar. This engraving contains the following caption, "The Expeditionary Column and the Steamboat Le Basilic going to relieve the siege of Medine, 18 July 1857".
Date: 1857
Date Range: 1850-1859
Location: Medine, Mali
Format: Image/jpeg
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Contributing Institution: David Robinson; MATRIX: The Center for Humane Arts, Letters, and Social Sciences Online at Michigan State University
Digitizer: MATRIX
Source: Illustration, 24 October 1857. Illustration was a popular magazine which circulated widely in France in the 19th century.